How to Create More and Consume Less

Create More Consume Less

So it's been a really long time since I've written anything anywhere. In fact, I think it's been ten years or more since I've kept a blog (other than my poor, neglected "mini blog" at Tumblr). In either case, I recently found myself with a little extra time on my hands and decided it was high time I let go and let God breathe new life on my long dormant writing gift.

And being a good writer is a gift; one I've unfortunately neglected for a number of reasons, none of them valid. I'm done making excuses. I've been so busy consuming the creativity of others that I have not devoted time to my own God-given call to create.

And those are our options: create or consume.

Rick Warren, author of the best-selling The Purpose-Driven Life (a terrific read, by the way) says that, "You're most like your Creator when you're being creative."

If this is true (and I believe it is) I need to spend more time creating and less time consuming.

I'm a terrific consumer. Creator? Not so much. But I'm working on that. Here's what I'm doing.

So how do you make the transition from consumer to creator?

The following tips are about writing, but they apply to any creative endeavor!

  1. Read good books on writing. Here are a few suggesitons to get you started:

    There are a plethora of great books on writing. Start reading! This may sound counter-intuitive, but creating and consuming are not diametrically opposed. If you're going to consume, just make sure that the things you are consuming are helping you hone your craft. And spend more time creating than consuming!

  2. Block out time to write. It may seem like a no-brainer, but scheduling your writing time is crucial to making the transition from consumer to creator. Don't try to squeeze it into your free time, but rather, put it on your calendar. Whether you use a paper planner or an online calendar (I use Google Calendar), block off a daily writing time! It doesn't matter whether it's a little or a lot of time. Just do it!
  3. Write (Create)! Just get the words out and don't edit yourself as you write. This is probably the single most important thing I've learned about writing. I have a tendency to edit myself as I write, but that's not how the pros do it. They just get the words out and edit later. Some days will be great, others not so much, but at least you put a string of words together. You can always go back and sift the wheat from the chaff later. Who knows? You may find some golden nuggets among the chaff!

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful!

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